Secure Georouting in DTN

PrivHab: a Secure Geographic Routing Protocol for DTN

PrivHab is a secure geographic routing protocol that learns about the mobility habits of the nodes of the network and uses this information in a secure manner. PrivHab is designed to operate in areas that lack of network, using the store-carry-and-forward approach. PrivHab compares nodes an chooses the best choice to carry messages towards a known geographical location. To achieve a high performance and low overhead, PrivHab uses information about the usual whereabouts of the nodes to make optimal routing decisions. PrivHab makes use of cryptographic techniques from secure multi-party computation to preserve nodes' privacy while taking routing decisions. PrivHab's performance has been studied under the scope of a realistic application of podcast distribution in two different scenarios of remote rural areas.

In 2003, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) implemented a strategic Programme entitled "Bridging the Rural Digital Divide". The programme highlighted innovative approaches to knowledge exchange that were taking advantage of new digital technologies, and that were based on synergies between information management and communication for development.

Thenceforth, many initiatives have been implemented in fields as e-health, e-government, e-education, e-commerce and e-agriculture. The common goal of these initiatives is to universalize the access to knowledge and information in order to improve the life conditions of people living in developing countries. These applications have to overcome barriers like illiteracy, low cultural level of the population, censorship, etc. Besides, e-agriculture applications, targeting rural areas, are very likely to deal with additional challenges. A sparse population, with the receivers of the information far away from each other, a bad, non-existent or expensive telephony coverage and, especially, a lack of data communication networks are the most common ones.

We propose to use PrivHab to distribute podcast radio programs among local radio stations or other places of interest using Delay Tolerant Networking. DTN is based on the store-carry-and-forward strategy, and it is designed to operate in scenarios where there are no simultaneous end-to-end paths. PrivHab is a routing protocol that leverages the existence of life-cycles of the network users to learn about their usual whereabouts. Then, this information is used to find the best neighbour to carry the data to its destination. PrivHab treats this information in a secure manner in order to protect node's privacy.

PrivHab: a Multiagent Secure Georouting Protocol for Podcast Distribution on Disconnected Areas (Demonstration) from Adrián Sánchez Carmona on Vimeo.

Teaser made for the AAMAS 2015 demo submission.

Investigación realizada en el marco del proyecto TIN 2010-15764 del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad español (MINECO).