The research undertaken by the SeNDA group is focussed on all aspects of network and distributed application security. Medical emergency situations and non-contemporaneous communications among aerial vehicles are the main scenarios the group is using for an applied research, responding to current society's needs. Since its beginnings, the group has always participated in European and national projects in topics related to security and the application of research to the community's requirements: electronic voting, trust infrastructures, eBusiness, and eHealth application among others. Mobile Code technology has been one of the group's most important research lines, in which important results have been achieved, such as the participation in the definition of agent standards (IEEE-FIPA), breakthroughs in agent protection mechanisms (Self-Protected Mobile Agents), and a reference implementation of inter-platform agent mobility (JaDE). Now the group is more focused on secure DTN networking. The group has participated in many projects with industry, and has produced several patents, all of this showing a clear commitment towards a university-industry technology transfer. The quality of the SeNDA group research is underpinned by the large number of publications in prestigious journals.

Interest topics

  • Secure routing for Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networking.
  • Dynamic routing in RFC4838 DTN networks.
  • Incentive schemes based on HIBC for message forwarding.
  • Location privacy using homomorphic encryption in georouting.
  • Anonymity protocols and mechanisms based on DTN routing.
  • Data protection by means of cryptographic protocols.
  • Security and privacy in crowd sensing and social networks.
  • Privacy-preserving data mining.
  • Prototyping of secure DTN platforms and protocols.
  • Opportunistic networking in the aeronautical arena.